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Lycos Network -

- 11 MB space
- your own cgi-bin (well, with conditions or you can take the standard cgi scripts and use it)
- Free-form editor or wizard
- File manager / FTP
- Money making opportunities - affiliates network
- Option to upgrade for paid services
- address like
- a pop up window for advertising

One of the good providers which actually increasingly providing a better service.

Free Servers -

- 15 MB of space
- Freeform editor or wizard
- File Manager / FTP
- address like
- choice of 9 common names
- unlimited email forwarder with different addressee
- an advertising banner on top of EVERY page

New comer. Have some nice feature like unlimited email address which you can use to perform different function. At the back end, all the mail gets redirected to your pop account (provided during sign up process)

Yahoo Geocities -

- 11 MB of space
- Freeform editor or wizard
- File manager
- Money making opportunities
- watermark advertising on EVERY screen / other forms of advertising.
- NO commercial page

Big brother in the scene. One of the earliest provider. At the beginning only 3 MB was allocated, but market reaction makes it offer a bigger space. A wealth of features to choose from. Divided to different theme communities. Address is quite bulky -

Free Yellow -

- 11 MB of space
- wizard

When started was quite linear on the contents, which was exploited by the spammers and some unethical web users. This create an image of provider of unethical / marketing / sales site.

Xoom -

- 11 MB of space
- wizard
- FTP uploader
- affiliate program

Not very friendly for those who want to create their page from scratch on line.