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From: Steven Ng <>
Sat, 01 May 1999 10:31:53 +0800

A interesting but albeit quite a long article by Britt S Phillips, in one of his internet postings. Enjoy reading!

I've heard it said often... "You can't put all your eggs in one basket". What a novel concept and moreover a very sound strategy. That single statement sums up many things but sadly it is the reason most will never experience true joy.The same is true about many things in life.

Most take an idea or concept and kick it around in their mind. They actually talk themselves right out of even the best idea or strategy in about the same time it takes to make a deposit. Worse than this are those who don't even trust themselves to make the decision. No, no that won't do, they need to pass the idea around to family, friends or co-workers. How many of us are guilty of this? The fact is we all are. 

The sad thing is most will never change. They don't know any other pattern and that's their choice. One of my favorite quotes is "Never listen to anyone in life   unless they are doing better than you". Now, let's talk about the alternative for a moment. I'm going to ask you to do one simple thing now and I really want you to do   this. You do not have to move from your chair and it will only take a
few moments. Please do this and don't skip past it. This is very important to your understanding of this article and how it will greatly benefit you.

Ok, take just 30 seconds (or longer of you like) and look around the room you are now in. Notice everything in it. Look at the simple things and the complicated ones as well. Now as your eyes travel, think about how everything you see started with a  thought or an idea. As you do this, also think about how every item around you, came from a thought in someone's mind. Now imagine how our world would be if it didn't have people who could also not only imagine an idea or concept but also put it into practical use. These people are directly responsible for many things we enjoy and could never dream of being without. Yes, you guessed it, most things you and I take for granted each and every day.

You may be asking yourself right about now, "how can this help me become a better person?" Well here's how it has helped me!!! As I look back a few short years ago, I realize I indeed have come a long way. I also know that if I had not decided to stop listening  to others around me, I would still be right where they wanted me to be today, STUCK on the same level they are on.

Yes that's right, most never even realize our friends and family subconsciously do not want us to succeed. They don't intentionally try to hold you or I back from our dreams it just happens and sadly it will always prevail.

A close friend (Buddy) is one of those people who like me is a dreamer. He often talks about how "one day" he will do this or "one day he will do that. I asked him once while we were eating lunch (after he had told me his latest idea had not materialized) what his girlfriend thought about his idea. He sadly replied "oh man, she said it was no good and that it couldn't work". I asked him immediately what he thought of his idea. He enthusiastically said "I think it could easily work and it would be great" I then asked him if he felt this way, why he had bothered to ask her or anyone else. His answer was "I don't know".

Well the sad truth in this example is that this sort of thing happen a billion times a day and it has stopped many from the much deserved success that awaits them. In my own businesses, people have commented many times to me... "Britt, you're a worker, you make things happen and you are always involved in one thing or another to make money".

What are these people really telling me? Aren't they in a way admitting to me they wish they indeed had inside the same thing that drives me to pursue my goals? Of course you and I know they do possess what it takes, we all do as no one is better  than another. Another favorite quote is... "Unless you're the lead dog, the  view never changes".

Remember my friend Buddy? About a year ago I asked him if he wanted me to teach him how to place classified ads. He asked me how much money I was making and I told him it was more than he would believe if I told him.He insisted and of course just as I expected he didn't believe me. We had many conversations and I  would from time to time share the fact that the ads were continuing to be a real money maker for me.

Once I remember showing him my new car. His first comment was of course that it  was a nice ride. Next he asked "what kind of payments did you get?" My reply was zero down and zero per month. he asked what I meant and with much pride I stated the car was paid in full and that I never did like making payments. Did this turn him   around? It sure did, in fact he was so fired up he was ready to get serious about running his own classified ads. That was until he got home and started (you guessed it) talking to his girlfriend again.

Finally one day I asked him to have lunch and although it was not planned beforehand, I did enjoy it later when I saw his reaction to what happened after we had eaten. I had told him several times before how I had very
steadily pulled in many orders in a day. I could tell while he knew itwas possible, he still was going to have to see it first hand.

On the way back to my office, I picked up the day's mail and asked Buddy to help mecarryit inside. His energy was high and he was getting pumped up once again.Aswe opened random envelopes from around the world, his enthusiasm grew and grew. We sat there and did a count which revealed proof positive to him that almost $4,000.00 had came in that day !

Buddy was ready to explode he was now serious as I had never seen him before. I really thought he had gotten bitten by the bug to take actionandreally make a change in his life for the better.I wish I could tell you that today Buddy is super successful. The factishe is in his early thirties and still lives in his parent's basement.Heworks one job he hates after another for a hardly substantial hourlywage.

On a good day he will again get that gleam in his eye. He will get that glow of the dreamer tucked awaydeep inside him. The sad part is he doesn't do anything about it. I doubt he ever will. Does Buddy describe anyone that you know? Does Buddy describe you ?

My grandmother used to always tell me, "Britt, you can have anything inlife you want but only if you want it bad enough". I can hear her sweetvoice saying those words to me right now. She wanted to share with me amessage she knew would make the biggest difference in my life. She's only with me in spirit now as she died at age 83 two Thanks givings ago.

She left me with not only memories I will never forget but also a message thatshaped who I am today.In closing I'll just share that true success comes from having morethan asingle source of income. It also is imperative that you not allowanyone totalk you out of your dreams.

And whatever you do... DON'T sit and talkyourself out of them either! What will you do after you finish reading this article? For those of you wanting a dramatic change in your life will you let this be what moves you to take some action and make it happen? If you're already successful, is where you're at today as far as you can go ? I hope this article has touched you in a personal way and it will encourage you to never give up on your dreams.