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Secret Ingredient

From: Steven Ng
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 22:20:10 +0800

When I begin to feel sorry for myself, I sometimes think of Wendy Stoker. In high school, she placed third in the Iowa girl's state diving championships. She practiced for two hours every day for four years to become an accomplished diver.

Then, at the University of Florida, Wendy worked even harder and earned the number two spot on on the varsity diving team. At the same time, she carried a full academic load and found time for bowling and water-skiing.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about Wendy Stoker is her typing. Would you believe forty-five words a minute -- with her TOES?

You see, Wendy was born without arms. Wendy is motivated by a secret ingredient; one of her greatest assets -- DESIRE. With it, one can succeed in spite of overwhelming handicaps. Without it, one is handicapped in spite of overwhelming ability.

Desire is a major ingredient in a life which strives to be whole and happy.