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From: Steven Ng
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 16:45:05 +0800

In the book, Making it On Your Own, by Paul and Sarah Edwards, the authors state, "What we are taught about how to succeed in life is often diametrically opposed to what we need to do if we're going to succeed on our own .... The characteristics that make for a good employee are often the exact opposite from those that make for a good self-employed individual."

Never have truer words been spoken about the self-employed experience other than those also offered by the authors: "And to make matters worse, when someone goes out on their own, much of the standard advice they get about how to proceed isn't particularly helpful."

If you are contemplating the lure of self-employment, ask yourself whether you really have the right stuff. You will no longer be entitled to regular income and benefits, only the opportunity to seek profit.

You have to consider that for perhaps thirty or forty years, every experience in your life has conditioned you to fail in a self-employed environment. Being self-employed requires more than just good business sense and good ideas. You have to be able to completely reverse a lifetime of mental and emotional conditioning.

If you think self-employment is all about keeping your own hours and doing whatever pleases you whenever it pleases you, then don’t quit your day job. On the other hand, if you approach the prospect of being your own boss with a mixture of fear and respect, coupled with anticipation and a rush of adrenaline ... and you think you can cast off decades of conditioning, then maybe you do have the right stuff!



From: Bellum Tan
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 22:47:08 +0800

Steven your posting of the article is very timing.I was just going to commence about those who had attended Money & You and rush out to resign from their job and start their own business.

My advise is that please consult those who has been doing business before starting themselves. Or at least speak to some older gratudes. Not everyone is cut out to run a business.

M&Y is a very powerful seminar it work both ways. It can help you in life and it can work the other way too.

My experience in the seminar is that you must at least attend it a second time before you can understand at least 60% of the seminar. It is go to come back as a reciever to complete the Block Game. As a reciever you will understand that infact the reciever is not giving you a hard time instead you are giving the reciever a harded time.

In Money & You we shifted our mindset. We had being enrich in our thinking and full of energy to let go or go our to practices,not nothing how.

Success Resources is running a Boot camp know as MONEYMASTERY I will like to encourage those who had done M&Y to sign up or at least go to their preview, as this seminar is your answer to HOW?. In M&Y we are programme with the mindset to go out there and make all the money you want. But M&Y is teach in your mind whilst MONEYMASTERY is more on the pratical side,about doing. You are make to come up with ideas how to make money.