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How To Demonstrate the Power Of Faith

From: Chee Hung Ngoh <>
Date : Tue, 25 May 1999 11:59:20 0800 SGT

1) Know what you want and determine what you have to give in return for it.

2) When you affirm the objects of your desires, through prayer, inspire your imagination to see yourself already in possession of them, and act precisely as if you were in the physical possession thereof. (Remember, the possession of anything first takes place mentally, in the mind.)

3) Keep the mind open at all times for guidance from wishing, and when you are inspired by "hunches" to modify your plans or to move on a new plan, move without hesitancy or doubt.

4) When overtaken by temporary defeat, as you may be overtaken many times, remember that man's Faith is tested in many ways, and your defeat may be only one of your 'testing periods." Therefore, accept defeat as an inspiration to greater effort and carry on with belief that you will succeed.

5) Any negative state of mind will destroy the capacity for Faith and result in a negative climax of any affirmation you may express. Your state of mind is everything, therefore take possession of your mind and clear it completely of all unwanted interlopers that are unfriendly to Faith, and keep it cleared, no matter what may be the cost in effort.

6) Learn to give expression to your power of Faith by writing out a clear description of your Definite Major purpose in life and using it as the basis of your daily meditation.

7) Write out a list of all the benefits and advantages you expect to derive from the attainment of the object of your Definite Major Purpose and call these into your mind many times daily, thereby making your mind "success conscious." (This is commonly called auto-suggestion.)

8) Associate yourself, as far as possible, with people who are in sympathy with your Definite Major Purpose; people who are in harmony with you, and inspire them to encourage you in every way possible.

9) Let not a single day pass without making at least one definite move toward the attainment of your Definite Major Purpose. Remember, "Faith without works is dead."

10) Choose some prosperous person of self-reliance and courage as your "pacemaker," and make up your mind not only to keep up with that person, but to excel him. Do this silently, without mentioning your plan to anyone. (Boastful-ness will be fatal to your success, as Faith has nothing in common with vanity or self-love.)

11) Surround yourself with books, pictures, wall mottoes and other suggestive reminders of sell-reliance founded upon Faith as it has been demonstrated by other people, thus building around yourself an atmospheric of prosperity and achievement. This habit will be fruitful of stupendous results.

12) Adopt a policy of never evading or running away from unpleasant circumstances, but recognize such circumstances and build a counter-fire against them right where they overtake you. You will discover that recognition of such circumstances, without fear of their consequence, is ninetenths of the battle in mastering them.

13) Recognize the truth that everything worth having has a definite price. The price of Faith, among other things, is eternal vigilance in carrying out these simple instructions. Your watchword must be persistence!

These are the steps that lead to the development and the maintenance of a positive mental attitude, the only one in which Faith will abide. They are steps that lead to riches of both mind and spirit as well as riches of the purse. Fill your mind with this kind of mental food. These are the steps by which the mind may be prepared for the highest expressions of the soul.