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Welcome to Money and You Online Archieve

This archieve is mainly serve as a web repository for the Money and You Online which is currently aged 3 months. (It was set up around Febuary / March 1999) as the offsprings of MasterMinders by Steven Ng.

To be detail, the Money and You (M&Y in short) is more to discussions, articles and ideas that targets towards self discovery, self motivation, personal growth aspects of life. The articles that were posted here mainly circles around this concept.

This webpage main objective is to share the previous articles that was posted in the mailing list but was miss by various reasons like late subscription, vacations, or other personal reasons like does not have a computer to read / receive the mailings and etc.

The organization of this website will be based on date and then alphabatical order of the subject title. To provide credit and communication to the author / posters, their email address will also be listed togather with the article / postings.

This website will be a moderated mailing list in general, which means certain unrelated posting will be removed to provide an easy access to the essence of the M&Y program. The updates will be frequent, as minimum will be once a week and maximum will be once a day, depands on the volume and how busy I am.

Please contact me for suggestions, comments and etc.