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Headache Cure Technique

From: Chee Hung Ngoh
Date: 5 May 99 19:16:56 PDT

I know some of us may have this problem and may suffer for some long time. The following article may help as it had helped me. Tel me whether it helps you.


This is a technique I 'discovered' a while ago, although it is simply an application of submodalities. Try it with yourself and others.

Spend a moment to get in touch with the headache. Notice how it feels. Pretend you have a lump of plasticene/clay in your hands, which can be any colour you want. This plasticene is going to become an external representation of your headache as we go through the exercise.

Make the plasticene into a colour which matches your headache, if it were externalised from yourself. It might be all one colour, a mixture of colours, or it could be constantly changing. Notice whether it changes brightness.

Make the plasticene an appropropriate size and shape, including lumps, bumps, spikes, holes, etc. Notice whether it throbs, or changes shape over time. I wonder if it also moves its location as well, or maybe even its size?

Notice whether it feels hot or cool, damp or dry, rough or smooth.

Notice any sounds it makes - where are the sounds coming from, what sort of pitch and volume are they? You might also notice if they change volume or intensity over time.

Gradually begin to soften the colour and brightness, and begin changing any sharp corners into rounded ones, whilst lessening the height of any spikes and bumps.And then begin to slow down any movement it has so that it is stationary, and slow any throbbing down until it is unchanging in size and shape.

Change the texture to make it more peaceful and calming.

Allow the sounds to become quieter, more muffled, and less piercing, as they become centred on the item in your hands.

Continue shrinking the item until it is small enough to hold between your thumb and fore finger, and then flick it away!, way over the horizon.

That's it. Your headache is GONE !