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Are You Open to Receive?

By Janet Wilson 1999
From: C H Ngoh
Date: 28 Apr 99 12:35:40 SGT

Imagine this scenario: Ed McMahon knocks on your door and announces that you have just won ten million dollars in the sweepstakes drawing. You look away and quietly reply, "No thank you, I’m not accepting money today."

Now, of course none of us would ever consciously say anything like that! Our response would be something like, "Ten million dollars! Come right in!" Unfortunately, many of us have the first scenario playing in our subconscious 24/7, and we aren’t even aware of it. "Me, turn down money? I don’t think so!" we protest. Think again.

In her book, The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, Suze Orman asserts, "The mind gives us thousands of ways to say no, but there’s only one way to say yes, and that’s from the heart." She continues, "Believing, really believing, other realities makes other realities true: that we can control money, that we do deserve to do well, that there is enough."

Take some time to answers these questions. Be completely honest with yourself even if the answers are uncomfortable: What are your true, deep down, nitty-gritty thoughts about money? Is it dirty? Does it corrupt otherwise honest people? Is it the root of all evil? Is it something "other people" have? Is it something to be envious of, jealous about, or something that should be hoarded, kept hidden and secret? Is it out of your control or does it control your life? Do you believe there will never be ever enough?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are probably repelling money. You likely have a belief or a thought process that says "money isn’t allowed here" or "I never have enough at the end of the week."  

The reality is that there is always enough if we allow it to come in. Abundance is everywhere and we have only to change our beliefs about our God-given rights to wealth in order to receive it. Did you wince at "God" and "wealth" in the same sentence? Some people believe money is un-Godly (or the root of all evil). The truth is, there is nothing of this world that is un-Godly, but that’s another article. Go and get a dollar bill out of your wallet. Do you see where it says, "In God We Trust"? We print God’s name on our money!

Understand this: Our divine heritage is abundance in all aspects of life, including love, wealth, perfection, and joy. However, instead of believing in this heritage and thereby choosing it, we choose the same old illusion, which keeps judgment, lack, flaws, and misery cemented in our lives to varying degrees.

The good news is that you already have the tools to change the tape; you have always had them. The fact that it will take some time and effort to bring about a new reality is understandable. Look at how long you’ve been living with this one!

If you are ready to open yourself up to receiving, these are my suggestions to help you get started. There is a myriad of books available to assist you. My personal list of reading material is available to anyone who asks. Establish New Truths " My new truth about money is, "I manifest wealth, prosperity, and abundance in my life because I am open to receiving all that the Universe has to offer." My beliefs changed from "I’m always broke" to "I always have more than enough." These are not just conscious thoughts that I recite when I can remember, it’s a way of life, an ingrained belief that took time, prayer, and constant repetition.

Give to Receive " Anyone who tithes understands this principle. Abundance is a free-flowing cycle that stops when it is being hoarded by its users. One of the great truths I hope you will discover is that giving will always open you up to receiving. Always. No matter what the amount. Whether you give to your place of worship, a favorite charity, or a beggar on the street, this principle remains steadfast.

Respect It " Money resides where it is treated with respect. Be responsible with your money. Never lie about it or use it against someone. Treat it like a good friend and it will serve you well.

Inspect Your Self Worth " Realize now that you are just as worthy as every other soul in this world. Wealth is not something that only "other people" deserve, and there is no one more important or worthy than you. True abundance demands equality, and in the Provider's eyes, we are all equal.

Here's to new beliefs and abundance for all!


Janet Wilson is the President of Life, Education And Prosperity, Inc., a company dedicated to enriching the lives of others worldwide through personal and professional development. LEAP specializes in training individuals, as well as entire companies, to become successful in any walk of life.