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Since 1920s, we were in industrial age. Now we are at the turn of the century. A lot of people had been talking about next age, ending of industrial age and beginning of another age - INFORMATION AGE. Things are different from what we seen and what we going to see. One of them is the change in the world of business. Whether you like it or not, the changes is coming and it is coming fast. The people who can adapt fast will gain.

The existance of Internet and the information age has change the life of a lot of people. Eventually, YOUR life will change too. In the industrial age, we were looking at the academic intelligence and professional intelligence. If you have both, I cannot guarantee you, in the information age, you will gain the same as those who are having financial intelligence, systems intelligence and emotinal intelligence. But if you have both, congratualation ! You WILL be the man of the age !

Putting below, is the links in various categories, that will help you learn, if not accomplish the requirements for the next millenneum.

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