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Unique Opportunities

Dear Friend,

You can earn $80,000* or more in the next 90 days sending e-mail, seem impossible? IF YOU NEED MONEY RIGHT NOW, read on for details (no, there is no 'catch')... A fantastic way to QUICKLY generate "seed" money for other projects and businesses you may be involved in, or would like to get involved in, but can't afford the start up and monthly fee's some of these opportunities charge! Don't let it's simplicity fool you! It Works!!!.

The following income opportunity is one you may be interested in taking a look at. It can be started with VERY LITTLE investment and the income return is TREMENDOUS !!!


Before I say anything, don't stop reading this just because it looks familiar. There are many letters similar to this one circulating right now, and they all promise to make you a great deal of money very quickly. But this one will actually work, and I will tell you why. I want to show you how you could make over 80 thousand dollars, CASH, in the next few months. And yes, this is legal.


New programs are a must! This letter is absolutely NEW as of mid October '98. I figure that this letter will start to saturate in about two to three years. For those of you who start now or join before year 2000 and promote this in the next several months, you can make a very large amount of money!


The biggest problem that most of the other money-generating letters have is cheating. There is no way to make sure that the people you send the letter to are sending their money when they circulate the letter. When I participated in some other programs, I kept a careful list of the names and addresses of people who sent me money (and I did make a little money with most of those letters) !. Several times, the letter came back to me with my name still on the list, and the people who had signed up below me never sent any money! Also,I feel some people put their names in the wrong position on the list (which doesn't help them at all) Accurate monitoring of this program will keep those people out. We don't want them in our program.. and they wont be!

This is not honest and makes using the letter illegal for the person who does it, and prevents many people from making very much money. So I realized that a program like this really needs to be monitored in order to ensure the honesty of the participants. This one is absolutely CHEAT PROOF!


If each person completes the following steps in the next several months they could receive over 80 thousand dollars in under six months! You will need e-mail in order to use this letter. Follow these instructions very carefully! This program is a little more complex than others, and some work is involved, but the added steps will insure you of utilizing this program to its fullest potential.

If you find the following instructions a little confusing there is a set of alternate instructions at the end of this page under the heading "Auto System", here you will find pre formatted e-mails that you can edit and send onto the correct recipient.


Send an e-mail right away to the person who sent you this letter at with the subject CONFIRM., asking to have the list of names CONFIRMED as paid.

This is to confirm that the people listed here have paid their money to the names that where on the e-mail they received. Now simply "copy" the following list of names and addresses and paste them into the body of the e-mail.

After the list, include YOUR name, address and e-mail. Be certain to use the same name and address where you want to receive your money. (our database only recognizes names, addresses, and e-mail sequences, so if you're not accurate with it, your name will be rejected as "not legitimate," and all will be instructed to not send any money to you.

You will receive a list "confirmation" from the monitor (usually the same day) . The monitor will confirm to you the "paid" status of your list. If there is a "NO" next to a name in the reply you receive from valdate, do not send money to that person! They are looking for a free ride, and will not find it in this program. (If this letter cycles back to you, and you wish to place your name on this list again after you leave the #1 position, you are free to do so, but you must also pay again, this program is also date sensitive)

So please.. keep it honest and we will all win!!


copy and e-mail these 6 names, including your details, to :

1. K. Schaffran, 27763 S.E. Currin Rd., Estacada, OR. 97023
2. M. Bement, 1401 S. Garfield Ave., Burlington, IA. 52601 (
3. C. Schmidt, 511 Wyckoff Ave., Wyckoff, NJ, 07481
4. Henry Dee, 9719 Lantana #3B, San Antonio, TX 78217-4518
5. Y.L.Tai, R-A-16, Jalan Pandan Indah 25, Taman Pandan Indah,
55100 KL, Malaysia. (
6. C.H. Ngoh, 59, Jalan USJ 6/2D, 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. (

Add your name, address, and e-mail address here.


Now, address six envelopes, one to each of the above people. Send US$1.00 to each of the people in the spaces numbered 2 through 6. Send a US$5.00 BILL to the person in space number ONE. This increases the cost of the program a little bit (for stamps), but it will also greatly increase your return and will inform you when you have reached the #1 position, you start receiving US$5.00 BILLS.

IMPORTANT.. Be sure to wrap each bill you send in a note saying.. Please include me on your mailing list. Include your name, mailing address and e-mail.

Note that if you don't request and pay for this service, IT WILL NOT BE LEGAL FOR YOU TO ATTEMPT TO USE THIS LETTER.


Send another e-mail, this time to the person who sent you this letter, and let them know that you are participating in the program. This way, they will be able to keep track of how many people are joining the program in the level below them.


The monitor will notify you when the participants on your list have received the money you sent. You will receive an e-mail stating that you have "qualified" for the program and may now distribute it. Since you need to wait to distribute the program, it is important to complete these steps as soon as possible so that you can begin making money. (approx. 5 to 10 working days)


After you have been confirmed to distribute this program:

#1 Delete the name and address in the number ONE position.
#2 Now move the other names and addresses up one, and add your name and address in the number SIX position.

You are now free to send out this letter any way you choose. There are a number of ways to do this. It is recommended to send it to opportunity seekers via e-mail. Also send it to anyone who sends you their opportunities. There are some very good opportunities on the net, so when you see one that interests you, ask for more information, and share yours with them. Most of them are opportunists like yourself and are not offended to take a look at what you have to offer, but DO NOT SPAM!

Be careful not to offend anyone, but these people are some of the most likely to participate. Posting free Internet classifieds can also be very effective. Use your favorite search engine to look for "free classified ads." Many sites will come up. Post as many as you possibly can, as the key to the program's success depends on everyone recruiting as many people as possible. If you simply get on this list without actively seeking more new members, you and everyone else will fall well short of what this program is capable of doing. When people respond to your ads, simply send them this letter. You can also post to newsgroups. Remember, the more people you send this letter to, the greater your profits will be.

STEP 6. (the last one)

You must keep a careful list of participants names and address.

Each time you receive money, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you email their information to the monitor. , (the same day if possible) so their eligibility can be documented. Simply type amount received, name, and email of the sender. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! We do the rest.

This procedure may seem a bit tedious, but these crucial steps ensure honesty in this program. Remember.. honesty and distribution is what makes this program work!!! (remember to look at the Auto System bellow)

We all win! This is one program where honesty.. definitely pays!!!

Once five to ten people have emailed you stating they will participate, you have probably promoted the program enough to ensure your success. Now sit back and watch what happens once those five people follow the simple instructions you have just followed!

# of people Responds to Send Total
5 Your Mail $ 1.00 $ 5.00
5 X 5 = 25 those 5 get 5 each $ 1.00 $ 25.00
25 X 5 = 125 those 25 get 5 each $ 1.00 $ 125.00
125 X 5 = 625 those 125 get 5 each $ 1.00 $ 625.00
625 X 5 = 3125 those 625 get 5 each $ 1.00 $ 3,125.00
3125 X 5 = 15625 those 3,125 get 5 each $ 5.00 $ 78,125.00
Your Investment $ 10.00
Your Investment Returns $ 82,030.00*

Remember, the total of $82,030.00* in cash, will be in your pocket in under 90 days and you will have a mailing list of over 15,000* people, you could sell this list or use them to offer other income generating opportunities to, this list would be classed as "Hot Leads".

Imagine being excited about going to your mailbox everyday! These possibilities CAN become realities ... Just follow the simple instructions! Prepare to get excited!!!

Just for fun, and motivation, lets see what happens if you get 10 participants from your letter. Everyone else stops at 5 responses.

# of people Responds to Send Total
10 Your Mail $ 1.00 $ 10.00
10 X 5 = 50 those 50 get 5 each $ 1.00 $ 50.00
50 X 5 = 500 those 500 get 5 each $ 1.00 $ 500.00
500 X 5 = 2,500 those 2,500 get 5 each $ 1.00 $ 2,500.00
2,500 X 5 = 12,500 those 12,500 get 5 each $ 1.00 $ 12,500.00
12,500 X 5 = 62,500 those 62,500 get 5 each $ 5.00 $ 62,500.00
Your Investment $ 10.00
Your Investment Returns $ 164,060.00*

Yes!! you double your money by just doubling your cut off point for your advertising. And with a mailing list this big you could earn thousands more!

Excited now? Then lets get started and mail your investments now. (I would also suggest you go and buy a letter opener).

Remember, opportunities are never lost.
They are merely taken up by your competitors

* Examples given are not guarantees of income but simply represent your potential earnings.

Auto System

The following instructions will help you get started and equip you with the correct e-mail pre formatted, you only have to add your personal details then send them onto there e-mail address.

1) Click here validate / confirm names to create an empty e-mail with address and subject pre set, copy the list of names from the page above and paste them into the body of this e-mail, add your Name, Postal Address and E-mail Address in the last line, after the other 6 names, then send it.

2) Click here to join and create an empty e-mail with the address and subject pre set for you, enter your name, postal address and e-mail address to register your intention to participate, then send it to me, your sponsor.

3) Now, address six envelopes, one to each of the above people.

Send US$1.00  to each of the people in the spaces numbered 2 through 6. Send US$5.00  to the person in space number ONE.

IMPORTANT.. Be sure to wrap each bill you send in a note saying.. PLEASE INCLUDE ME ON YOU'RE MAILING LIST. Include YOUR NAME, MAILING ADDRESS, AND E-MAIL ADDRESS. Note that if you don't request and pay for this service, IT WILL NOT BE LEGAL FOR YOU TO ATTEMPT TO USE THIS LETTER.

4) Send a Blank e-mail to original copyand you will receive a reply instantly consisting the exact copy of the original e-mail with the adjusted list of the five names and the 6th spot empty, ready for you to input your name and addresses. This will then be ready for you to start your promotion as soon as you are Qualified by the monitor to distribute.

Please Note, as soon as I receive your US$1.00 in the mail I will send you furthher details on how to promote this offer with or without a personal web page, either way you are on your way to makeing a lot of cash. Remember, the faster you start the faster the cash rolls in.

Good luck and thanks to you for our future financial freedom. I wish you good fortune with your Internet Ventures.