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NT Workstation 4.0 (Exam 70-073) Practice Questions - Set 1

This practice test consist of multiple levels. You need to score 4 points in each level before you are permitted to advance to another level. Enjoy !

1. A workstation in your network has a fualty display card. You had replaced it with a different model. When you reboot, the screen go blank, how can you get the display back and do a diagnostic ?

Reinstall NT workstation
From Control Panel, choose Add New Hardware, and select auto detection method
On startup, select last known good configuration
Select VGA mode in the boot up menu

2. You have several NT 3.51 workstation in your network, the management has decide to upgrade them to NT 4.0. How can you perform an upgrade ?

Remove NT 3.51 and install 4.0
Run Winnt.exe from the compact disc
Run Winnt32.exe from the CD drive.
Run Winnt32.exe /u from the workstation with the CD in the drive

3.You have a notebook with modem and network adapter on PCMCIA card which you use it both at home and in office. You bring this notebook for a business trip and you want to logon to the Internet to check your email. What you should do to ensure an error free startup ?

Logon as a different user
Reconfigure the notebook before departure for business trip
Use a different hardware profile
Select VGA mode for boot up menu instead of normal boot up mode.

4. A newly promoted user callup for help because he cannot access the resources in the NT server from his machine and got an access denied message. You decide that he does not have the right password and gave him one. But the user call up again says that this does not work. Why ?

He did not reboots his computer
He does not have the permission to read the files from that resource
He belongs to some other groups that has no access permission set for that particular resource
He has key in a password with a different case

5. Mel has been relocated to another department and needs to access some confidential files in your NT server. She request the rights to be assigned and you had assign her with the neccessary permissions and groups with the correct password. But she still cannot access the files. Why ?

The changes will take effect only after the computer reboots
She belongs to another group that has no permission to read the file
She logon to the different domain
The files is currently view by another person