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NT Server Enterprise (Exam 70-068) Practice Questions - Set 2

This practice test consist of multiple levels. You need to score 4 points in each level before you are permitted to advance to another level. Enjoy !

1. There is a single master domain network which consist of New York, London, Tokyo, Paris and Sydney where New York host the PDC. Each city connected to New York via a T1 link. The users are complain about slow logon response time. What can you do ?

Add more RAM in PDC
Reduce ReplicationGovernor value
Add at least one BDC in each location
Get users to logon to local domain

2. You have sucessfully install and configured a NT server network. As a cautious administrator, you want to establish a baseline for your network so that you can compare the different in performance. How can you do so ?

Simulate a random traffic activity
Simulate a constant traffic activity
Taking readings from representative period during peak hours and non peak hours
Collect data during non productive period

3. NT server used as a file and print server. The users has constant reporting the response time is very long. You suspect one of the disk having problem. How can you prove it via performance monitor ?

Logicat disk counter
Page/sec counter
Thread sector counter
Percentage use counter

4. Your PDC have 6 hard disks. One is use for system files and the other 5 is configured as a stripe set with parity. The server crash unsuspectly and you found that two of them failed. You replace them and how can you regenerate the stripe set with the data ?

From Disk Administrator choose Regenerate
After replace the failed disk, reboot and NT will regenerate the stripe set
Create a stripe set and restore data from backup tape
Create a stripe set with parity and restore the data from backup tape

5. In the Finance Department, during printing check, the printer jammed. The check cannot be reprinted as it would violate the check. The printer is turned off and jam cleared. The printer is turned on again. What should be done next ?

Resume from printer
Resume from document
Restart the printer
Pause the printer