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NT Server Enterprise (Exam 70-068) Practice Questions - Set 1

This practice test consist of multiple levels. You need to score 4 points in each level before you are permitted to advance to another level. Enjoy !

1. Your server has 2000 people logging in as its primary function, the server is also user mainly as a WINS and DHCP server, how should you configure the memory settings?

Minimize memory used
Maximize throughput for file sharing
Maximize throughput for network application

2. In your company you have 3 Netware servers, one on Netware 3 and two on Netware 4. Each of them consist of 250 users and numurous network application for daily operation. Your management had decide to migrate all of them to two NT servers with bigger hard disk space. What of the following is required on the NT servers before migration can take place ?


3. Your company have 5 networks running on IP and due to the budget requirement, you add a NT server to your network acting as a new LAN-to-LAN IP router in your company's network. Which of the following will help you to recognise the other routers as when they are added or removed ?

RIP for Internet Protocol
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
RIP for IPX / SPX compatible Transport

4. Company B has grown from 40 users to 300 users in 4 months. The users start to complaint that the logon process is taking more time than before. As a network administrator, you have check your performance monitor and you found that the logon/sec counter have an extremely high value. What can you do to improve the situation ?

Add additional BDC to the network
Add more RAM to the Domain Controller
Reduce ReplicationGovernor
Reduce NetLogonPulse time

5. Your network have a WINS server and DHCP server running. You run Network Monitor to monitor the network and had captured 2000 packets. How can you view packets from a specific computer ?

Filter by protocol
Filter by address
Edit address table
Sort network address in capture view