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NT Server (Exam 70-067) Practice Questions - Set 6

This practice test consist of multiple levels. You need to score 4 points in each level before you are permitted to advance to another level. Enjoy !

1. You want to make it easier to create user accounts. Therefore you created a template and name it USER_TEMPLATE and assign permissions and groups to the template. How do you use the template when you want to create new accounts ?

New account automatically get the permissions and groups specified in the template.
You have to create a global group called USER_TEMPLATE and put new accounts in here.
You simply copy USER_TEMPLATE to a new account.
You create new accounts and highlight them, and copy USER_TEMPLATE into them.

2. You have a network with 3 NT Servers. In this network there is 50 Workstations. All computers are running TCP/IP. Now and then your R&D people have to copy 100MB of data to one of the servers. That slows down the network. How can you prevent this ?

Install a new Network adapter card on a different subnet and enable IP routing.
Let them run NetBEUI.
Configure the same network adapter with 2 IP address.
Install a new network adapter on the same subnet and enable IP-routing.

3. Your network have NT 4 workstations and NT 3.51 workstations. Your company has bought a network printer and want you to share them. How you going to install the drivers ?

Install one driver for NT 4 and NT 3.51.
Install seperate drivers for NT 4 and NT 3.51 workstation.
Install the driver in the server.
The printer will download the driver to the workstations if they do not have the driver.

4. You have a network printer installed in your network and you have given the proper permissions to the users but they still cannot access it. What is wrong ?

The printer is already installed.
You does not specify the printer port to use.
Wrong driver has been installed in the workstation.
DLC is not installed.

5. What must be present before you can migrate users from a Netware server to NT server ?