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NT Server (Exam 70-067) Practice Questions - Set 5

This practice test consist of multiple levels. You need to score 4 points in each level before you are permitted to advance to another level. Enjoy !

1. You configure a stripe set without parity on three physical disks. One of the disks fails. What can you do to recover data that was stored on the stripe set?

Break the stripe set and recover data that was shared on the stripe set.
Install a new hard disk to replace the failed disk and choose Regenerate from the Fault Tolerance menu in the Disk Administrator.
In the Check for Errors dialog box in the Disk Administrator, select File System errors to recover the lost data.
Restore the lost data from the tape backup.

2. Your RAS server has two internal modems. Remote users report that when they try to dial in to the RAS server, they are being disconnected immediately. How should you diagnose the problem ?

Use the Registry Editor to enable device logging.
Use Performance Monitor to view RAS connection details.
Use Network Monitor.
Use RAS admin utility to view the port status.

3. Your network uses NWLink IPX/SPX Compatible Transport protocol. Half of the client computers use 802.3, the other half use 802.2 frame type. You are adding a Windows NT server computer to the network. This server has one network adapter. What must you do on the new server?

Install and configure RIP for NWLink IPX/SPX compatible protocol.
Configure NWLink IPX/SPX compatible protocol to use Auto Frame Detection.
Configure NWLink IPX/SPX compatible protocol to use Manual Frame Type detection. Add the 802.3 and 802.2 frame type.
Install the driver for the network adapter twice, once for each frame type. Configure each instance of the driver to support one of the required frame types.

4. Your Windows 95 client computers access shared resources on a Windows NT Server. The Windows 95 computers have Client for MS networks installed. You want to allow the Windows 95 client computers to access files on a Netware Server. You install Gateway Service for Netware on the Windows NT Server. What else should you do on the Windows NT Server computer to allow the Windows 95 client computers to access files on the Netware server?

From the Windows NT Explorer, use the Map Network drive button to connect a drive to the Netware Server. Then share that mapped drive.
From Server Manager use the Shared directories option on the Computer menu to share the desired directories on the Netware Server.
From the GSNW option in the Control Panel, use the Gateway option to share the desired directories on the Netware Server.
From the Network Neighbourhood, navigate to the shared directory and share it.

5. You have a Windows 95 PC with client administration for NT installed and a Windows NT Server. You want the computer to be able to connect to a NetWare Server. How do you do that?

Install GSNW on server
Map the drive on the NetWare Server
Server Manager - Shared directories
User manager for domains - Logon To.