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NT Server (Exam 70-067) Practice Questions - Set 4

This practice test consist of multiple levels. You need to score 4 points in each level before you are permitted to advance to another level. Enjoy !

1. You want to administer a NT server from Windows 95 workstation, so you install a client base administration tools. How you going to share a folder from your Windows 95 workstation ?

Share files via network monitor
Logon to NT server and share from there
Use Windows Explorer.
All of the above

2. You have set up a DHCP server and enable dynamic ip address assigning on all the workstations. One of your Windows 95 user reports that he cannot browse the Internet, you suspected that the workstation does not received the correct ip addresses. Which of the following tools will help you ?


3. You have 3 Win NT servers with RAS installed on 3 different network segments. Win NT workstations dial into the servers. How would you minimize the time to resolve the NetBIOS names?

Install an LMHOSTS file on RAS server
Disable NetBIOS interface
Install an LMHOSTS file on each workstation.
Install WINS on workstations.

4. You have a Windows NT Server that runs IPX, and you have a NetWare client. What will the client be able to access.

Nothing can be accessed.
Client/Server applications that support NetBIOS

5. You have 4 physical disks with 250 MB of free hard disk space each. You want to create a stripe set with parity. What will be the actual size of the stripe set ?

250 MB
500 MB
750 MB
1000 MB