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NT Server (Exam 70-067) Practice Questions - Set 3

1. You have a NT server running on TCPIP, a Netware 3 server and a Netware 4 server. All of your client is installed with TCPIP and NWLINK, but the clients seems unable to connect to the Netware 4 server, what is wrong ?

Wrong subnet mask.
Wrong frame type.
No permission.
Gateway is down.

2. You have a computer with 5 disks - each with 2 partitions. On the first disk is the boot and system partition. How will you optimize the pagefile ?

Place the paging file on a disk other than first disk.
Place a paging file on each disk except the first disk.
Place the paging file on the boot and system partition.
Place the paging file on a partition other than the boot and system partition.

3. Sally connect from a Windows 95 workstation to a shared printer, but cannot print. The administrator puts her in a group with correct rights, but she still cannot connect. What is wrong ?

She has entered a wrong password.
She does not have an account in the domain.
She need to logout and logon again for the changes to take effect.
The printer is not configured properly.

4. You have installed a new AGP video card to your NT server and installed the driver. When you started the server, you get the blue screen. What must you do to get back the display ?

Reinstall Windows NT server and select repair
Startup in VGA mode
Select Last Known Good Configuration
Using Emergency Repair Disk and restore the configuration.

5. You are running Performance monitor on a NT Workstation. You are monitoring memory and disk performance on 10 WinNT Servers. Performance on the Workstation is poor and you want to increase performance, how can you do so without incuring any cost ?

System properties - decrease time for foreground application.
Run Performance Monitor from a Command line using /START.
Start diskperf to build up a big cache.
Increase the time you are collecting data.