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NT Server (Exam 70-067) Practice Questions - Set 1

This practice test consist of multiple levels. You need to score 4 points in each level before you are permitted to advance to another level. Enjoy !

1. To monitor performance monitor in a period of time, which view do you use ?

Chart View
Log View
Report View

2. Your server performance has slow down tremediously. When you check in your performance monitor, you found that you have excessive paging. What can you do to increase performance ?

Add more RAM
Add Additional Hard disk space
Increase paging file size
Move paging file to another partition

3. You have a network of 3 NT servers and 3 Netware 3 servers with 100 workstation. You added another workstation to the network by installing both TCPIP and NWLINK protocol. When you start the workstation, it is able to logon to NT servers but was unable to connect to the Netware server, what is wrong ?

Wrong Network Mask
Wrong frame type setting
The Netware server is located in different domain
You do not have permission to logon

4. You have a network with 3 NT servers and 1 Netware 3 server with 100 workstations. For security reasons, you have implemented mandatory roaming user profiles. Now, this server that holding the profiles went down. What happens when a new user logging in ?

Can logon and authenticated by another server.
No way this user can logon.
Can logon but this session's changes will be lost.
Can logon using cache credentials.

5. You set up a RAS server with 2 modems. Your users keep complaining that they get disconnected every 3 seconds. How do you troubleshoot the problem ?

Dr. Watson.
Performance Monitor.
Event viewer.
Enable logging via registry.

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