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Networking Essentials (Exam 70-058) Practice Questions - Set 4

This practice test consist of multiple levels. You need to score 4 points in each level before you are permitted to advance to another level. Enjoy !

1. Your network is connected to the Internet via an analog leased line. Your network expends and you need to provide access to your SQL server for other branches via leased line and you find that the data being displayed at a very slow speed. What can you do to improve performance ?

Add more RAM to the server
Upgrade the server to a better processor
Upgrade the leased line to digital
Install another SQL server at the branches and configure a replication schedule

2. You have configure that the Network Adapter will be standardized to IRQ 3. What is the potential problem that might arise ?

Network inaccessable
Cannot print
Mouse not moving
No sound from soundcard

3. Which is the most cost effective method when implementing fault-tolerance ?

Disk Mirroring
Disk Duplexing
Stripe Set

4. By implementing this method, once one of the disk failed, you need to restore the data from tape backup ?

Disk Mirroring
Disk Duplexing
Stripe Set with parity
Volume Set

5. When you monitor your performance monitor, you found that the page/sec counter has a very high value across the time. What can you do to reduce it ?

Add more hard disk space
Add more RAM to the server
Limit the network bandwidth
Install a new domain controller