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Networking Essentials (Exam 70-058) Practice Questions - Set 1

This practice test consist of multiple levels. You need to score 4 points in each level before you are permitted to advance to another level. Enjoy !

1. You have setup a network for your customer. Now you need to have a baseline setup for diagnostic purposes in future. Which utility will help you to accomplish that ?

Performance Monitor
Protocol Analyser
Time Domain Reflectometer

2. You are ask to maintain an Ethernet network. The network consist of RG 58 U and RG 58 AU cables. You found that the PCs are keep going down and cannot connected all the time, what can you do to guranteed a stable and reliable connection ?

Change the hub
Change all the cable types to RG 58 AU
Redesign the network
Change all the PCs to a better configuration

3. NWLINK has been configured as a backbone protocol and one of your users has called for help for not being able to connect to the network while others can. You check the network card and found that the network card can be initialized without problem. What might be wrong ?

A faulty network cable.
NWLINK is not being configured
Different frame type has been set up
The server has reached its maximum connection

4. You have a Token-ring(4mb/s) sub-network that connects to a Ethernet network. A 5mb file take 2 mins to go from the tocken-Ring Sub-network to the Ethernet sub-network, while it takes only 30 seconds for the same file to go from the Ethernet sub-network to the token-ring sub-network Why?

Ethernet is faster than TokenRings
Token Ring has a bigger frame window than Ethernet
Longer travel distance in Token Ring than Ethernet
Non of the above

5. You have a Unix machines, and a NT server, you wish that the Unix machines are able to view files on the server, but you do not want to use software, and install protocols, which would you use ?